"Digging Deeper with the Data" Webinar from Devan McConnell

Devan McConnell takes a deeper dive into how he is using data in his job at Head of Hockey Performance at University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  This takes what he went over in "Monitoring for the Masses" at the Pro Coaches Clinic. and expands on: 

  1. Subjective Data
  2. Jump Profiling
  3. Heart Rate Data
  4. Velocity Based Training

He takes a look at all four pieces from the front end and the back end.

Incredible information from Devan.

Devan McConnell
Devan McConnell
Head Hockey Performance Coach- UMass- Lowell

About the instructor

Devan McConnell was named the Head Hockey Performance Coach in 2014.

In this role, he is responsible for the oversight and development of all aspects of physical development for the Ice Hockey team, including strength, speed, and power development, energy system development, nutrition, recovery and regeneration, physiological monitoring, sport science, technology integration, as well as coordination of analytics, long term athletic development, and tactical periodization. In addition to this role, he is responsible for the physical development of the Field Hockey team.

McConnell was named UMass Lowell's first Director of Sports Performance in September of 2011. The position was tasked with integrating a cutting edge sports performance program into the University's athletic department. At the time, UMass Lowell had never had a dedicated Performance Director or Sports Performance program. Under his direction, a comprehensive performance based model was introduced, focusing on movement quality, athletic development, and injury reduction strategies.

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